Authentic French Ingredients

All Epicerie Experiences: Shopping for Authentic French Ingredients

With the focus on fresh foods, there are many options and at the epicerie where you can purchase ingredients in France. However, most people still prefer open-air markets as an ideal place to get fresh ingredients at affordable rates. The…

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Food and beverages: find the best shops online

Buying food and beverages from online shops is becoming normal for everyone due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. An increasing number of consumers are now buying goods online. However, many people are new to online shopping, and they don’t…

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How to become a vegetarian: 10 lessons?

Will to better control what we put on our plates, cost of living, militant ecological act, various reasons can push you to transform your consumption habits. But how can you change your menus at all? Life is expensive, and eating…

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Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day

It’s recommended to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day all day long, but it’s sometimes difficult to apply this precious advice in our daily lives. Did you know that? What does it mean to eat 5 fruits and vegetables…

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How to make a green smoothie?

How do we proceed? Preparation: 10 minutes Time in centrifuge: 5 minutes Ingredients for a green smoothie Ingredients needed for 2 people: 1 raw beetroot 2 carrots 1 handful of spinach For a touch of sweetness, you can add apples….

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Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Juicer

Fancy a fresh homemade drink made from fresh fruit and vegetables? Buying a juice extractor is the best solution. Buying one is not trivial, but it’s not very difficult either. Find out how to choose a juice extractor that is…

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