All Epicerie Experiences: Shopping for Authentic French Ingredients

Authentic French Ingredients

With the focus on fresh foods, there are many options and at the epicerie where you can purchase ingredients in France. However, most people still prefer open-air markets as an ideal place to get fresh ingredients at affordable rates. The markets, or marches, give you a chance to experience a wide range of ingredients, including seasonal vegetables and fruits. You will also find different types of hummus, jam, olives and crackers. The main question remains: how do you shop for authentic ingredients? Here is how!

Make a Budget and Carry Cash

As with any purchasing decision, you must set a budget. Setting a budget is one thing, and following it is another. If you want to save money, ensure that you are strict on it. Once you have the budget, come up with a list of the most crucial ingredients you need. For instance, if you love cooked meat, you need to allocate some money for the charcuterie. For those who love pastries, you must know the amount of money on spreads such as jam and peanut butter. Now that you have the list and budget, your next step is carrying cash. In most open air markets in France, only a few people have card readers. This can be difficult, especially if you are a visitor or on a time crunch. To save you all this hassle, carry enough cash for shopping. This strategy also helps you only spend the budgeted amount. If your cash at hand is exhausted, you know it's time to leave the market.

Compare Prices and Find Promotional Deals at Grocery Store

In a free market, every seller can set their price. Price gaps are a serious issue in France, especially in supermarket chains and the epicerie. As such, you must compare prices and ensure you get the best deal in town. With the advent of the internet, shopping at the epicerie has become even easier as you can compare both in person and online. For example, if you are shopping for olives and crackers or hummus, you can use price-comparison apps. These will not only tell you the best offers but will also show you the closest offers. For in-person comparisons, you need to take a tour of the market first before making any purchase. It helps you familiarize yourself with the products as well as the prices. Sometimes, the prices are set low due to the compromise in quality. In other cases, the farmers and producers may be cheaper than the importers and resellers. All this comparison helps you find promotional deals for your jam, charcuterie shops, hummus, olives and crackers. You can never go wrong with them.

Shop Early or Late In the Evening

What time do you prefer to shop for your ingredients? While the timelines come down to preferences, some are definitely better than others. Most local markets in France will announce their opening and closing hours. If you are looking for a bargain, you might need to get there early in the morning. You will also be able to avoid lines and crowds as you select from the best produce in the market. Conversely, going in the evening allows you to get great deals from sellers who want to finish their stock. This mostly happens with vegetables and fruits, and it ensures you get fresh produce for cheaper rates. However, charcuterie sellers may not have extreme sales as they have the proper storage solutions for the cold cooked meat. Remember that not all sellers have end-of-the-day offers, but you will surely get something. According to most shoppers, the worst time to go to the market is late morning or around lunchtime. Most people are up and trying to grab items before the day ends. You might find yourself spending too much time in the congested market space. As you can see, shopping for groceries and ingredients such as hummus, olives and crackers, and jam doesn't have to be difficult. There is a huge number of open-air markets and stores that you can get them all as long as you have the right strategy. First, you need to list the ingredients you want and create a budget. This helps you avoid impulse buying. Carrying cash is also a great option, as not all stands have card readers. By touring the market and comparing prices, you can get the best rates for your ingredients. Lastly, remember to shop either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid congestion at the markets. Happy shopping!

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