Autopsy of a baguette of bread

We Frenchmen are known to accompany most of our meals with baguettes de pain. That's a fact. But since there is more to life than just the traditional baguette, we present you with several varieties of breads. We know all the clichés about France and the French. All over the world, people think that we spend our days at the bakery, wearing the famous "marinière" and overalls, not forgetting the leaning beret, tightly screwed on the head and... the traditional baguette. Yes, for the whole world, we walk around with this famous baguette under our arm. Although it's not true, we understand that this cliché persists. After all, we eat bread morning, noon and night without getting tired of it. We love the baguette, but there are so many things we don't know about it. First of all, the baguette is a variety of bread, it is recognizable in its original shape, it is about 5 to 6 cm wide and almost 4 cm high. A well-made baguette has a crispy golden crust and inside its crumb should be white and soft. If it is well made by the baker, the baguette regains its shape when it is squeezed. Then there are countless varieties of bread. These include white and sourdough bread, bran bread, cereal bread (sesame, rye, etc.), seed bread, wholemeal bread and many others. You can't believe how many there are, can you? Since we're nice people at the newsroom, we thought it would be nice to share a few recipes.

Bread, yes, but which one?

Country bread

This bread has a thick crust and tangy crumb. It is the variety of bread that keeps best. We suggest you try a "garden sandwich". To make this sandwich you will need avocados, cooked beets that you will cut into slices and lamb's lettuce leaves. To season the lamb's lettuce, drizzle with olive oil. And finally the mayonnaise, to brush well because this bread can be dry in the mouth.

Wholemeal bread

This bread is made from whole wheat flour, it is the richest in fibre. This means that it quickly gives you a feeling of satiety. Bread is therefore an ally in satisfying small appetites. It is also very good for intestinal transit. On the other hand, because it requires a flat, it is twice as fat as the traditional baguette. To use the wholemeal bread, we found a great recipe: an eggplant bruschetta. For the bruschetta, you will need the following ingredients: an eggplant that you will cut into thin strips lengthwise, garlic, olive oil, lemon and fresh mint. Mix together the crushed garlic clove, olive oil, lemon juice and chopped mint. Then grill the eggplant slices. Then marinate the aubergine in your preparation. Add salt and pepper to taste. Now all you have to do is place the aubergine gently on your toast and enjoy.

Cereal bread

In the cereal family, there is sesame bread, poppy seed bread, rye bread and buckwheat bread. Rye bread is the great classic of this bread family. Its fragrant taste goes wonderfully with a smoked salmon sandwich. As usual, a drizzle of olive oil, mozzarella and batavia.

Sweet breads

Sweet breads are brioche, milk bread and small pastries. However, be careful not to overuse them! As perfect gourmets, we suggest a hot dog idea. Stop the purists of this sandwich, we don't want to know that there are special breads for hot dogs. Because in fact, we already know it! We've just decided to disregard this detail to please ourselves. So here's how to make a hot dog with a bun: boil a Strasbourg sausage and fry pieces of tomatoes and onions with olive oil in a pan. Lightly toast the bread, add the tomato pieces, onions and sausage. Of course don't forget to add a good dose of ketchup with a line of mustard on top of the sausage. And Tadaa! A sweet hot dog! When you wow your guests at your next picnic, don't forget to say who gave you these great food ideas. We're counting on you!
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